Donate Don't Waste: A Guide for Sheffield Students


As the end of the academic year approaches, many students in Sheffield will be packing up their belongings and moving out of their accommodation. This can be a time of great waste, as students often end up throwing away items that could still be used by others.

The Donate, Don't Waste scheme is a partnership between the University of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield City Council, and the British Heart Foundation. The scheme provides a number of ways for students to donate unwanted items, including:

  • On-street donation points: There are a number of on-street donation points located around Sheffield. These points accept a variety of items, including clothing, books, furniture, and electrical goods.
  • Collection points: There are also a number of collection points located on campus and in the city centre. These points accept a wider range of items, including food, toiletries, and household goods.
  • Online donations: Students can also donate items online through the British Heart Foundation website.

All donations made to the Donate, Don't Waste scheme are either sold in charity shops or recycled. The money raised from sales is used to fund vital research into heart disease and stroke.

In addition to helping the environment and raising money for charity, donating unwanted items can also save you money. By donating items that you no longer need, you can avoid having to pay to dispose of them. You can also save money on the cost of moving, as you won't have to pack as much stuff.

So if you're a student in Sheffield who is moving out at the end of the year, please consider donating your unwanted items to the Donate, Don't Waste scheme. It's a great way to do your bit for the environment and help those in need.

Here are some additional tips for donating unwanted items:

  • Clean and dry all items before donating them.
  • Remove any personal belongings, such as labels, tags, or stickers.
  • Pack items neatly and securely.
  • Label boxes clearly with the type of items inside.
  • Donate items to a charity that you support.

By following these tips, you can help to ensure that your donations are used in the best possible way.


Details of donation points can be found here donation points