Moving In Blog


The time has finally come; move in day is nearly upon us with less than a week to go! I’m sure you’re all on with packing and excited to get into your new home, and settled. You’ll have the whole summer to enjoy some chilled time after a busy year at university before you start again. Hopefully the weather will become better soon though! So we have made a little list of tips for moving into your new place!



Once you’re all settled into your new place make sure to take note of the number on your key – if you lose them you’ll need the code! Obviously we do hope you don’t lose them (but always best to be safe!)



As you’re moving in, it is advised to take pictures of how the property is when you move in. Unfortunately for us we have students out the Sunday and in the Monday. (Nice and easy I know.) We will have our maintenance team trying to work through any major problems that we noticed in the inventories, but do let us know if there are any issues as we aim to sort them ASAP!



Now for some of you that are all-inclusive the only bills you need to sort is your broadband TV licence. Look at some comparison sites to find the best deal, here are some we have found:

Check out for rules around TV licencing and whether they apply. But don’t be caught out by not doing it as students have been known to get caught without a licence, followed by a hefty fine, which nobody wants!

Other tenants that are on non-inclusive tenancies it is advised to take a meter read on the 1st day of your tenancy and throughout. It’ll make sure you’re paying for what you spend rather than being estimated and over charged. Unfortunately, avoiding them won’t make them go away (even though I wish that was the case).



Within all of our properties we provide the larger white goods, hoover and microwave. This means you will need to organise getting a kettle and toaster between you and your housemates. Here are a few links to some sets that are good value –


Kitty & Rota

These are merely suggestions. Obviously in shared properties no one wants to be the only person buying general household bits. This could be general cleaning bits, toilet roll and milk for brews (depending on how much milk you personally use). This is where a kitty may be handy... everyone puts £5 in and then top up as you go on.

Also, making a rota may be good idea too! It may sound daft making a rota for cleaning and taking the bins out. But having been a student myself, there is always a correlation between arguments and house mates never doing there bit. One person may always feel they’re the only one doing their bit so this may help avoid arguments unless you know your house will split it evenly.


Moving in pack

Upon collection of your keys, you will be given a pack.

This contains:

  • Water, gas and electric cut off points
  • Codes for entering your building (if needed)
  • Bin collection dates for those of you in houses (tenants in flats luckily you don’t need to worry)
  • Fire evacuation procedures
  • EPC’s
  • Gas certificate

Do take the time just to flick through them as it contains important information to familiarise yourself with.

If there is anything we can help you with do ring us on 0114 268 5454 or email

Thank you for choosing to rent with us! Happy Moving!!!