Which Bedroom Style Are You?


Struggling to style your room to suit you? 

Have a read for some design inspiration!

Shabby chic

Your room has a pale colour scheme with floral patterns and French-inspired decor. You adore wooden furniture with the worn but stylish look – you are quite relaxed and take pride in making your room individual. Antique fairs are your happy place and you can’t get enough vintage furnishings. You enjoy sewing and DIY to give your room a personal touch.

Watering can vase (www.livelaughlove.co.uk)


Black and white go with everything – so why have anything else? Maybe the occasional shade of grey if you’re feeling adventurous. But seriously, style is not just defined by colour – you love to spruce up your room with a statement cushion or B&W pictures on your walls. Large mirrors are a must-have!

Sheffield Skyline Poster (www.notonthehighstreet.com)


You are not bothered about material things, and live by the motto ‘less is more’. You like to keep things simple and only possess the essentials... meaning there’s less to make mess!

UV Sensor Wall Clock (www.ikea.com)


You dream of living by the sea and love every shade of blue. The sound of seagulls makes you feel at home and you own a few boat-related items.

Sea Shell Fairy Lights (www.amazon.co.uk)


You love to be right on trend and IKEA is your weakness. You can’t get enough house plants and enjoy creating a peaceful space of your own, as you are all about hygge. Expect multiple candles and cosy blankets with warm lighting and some good books.

Cosy Throw (www.ikea.com)