We would like nothing more than to return your full deposit to you!

  • When you move out you need to make sure you do the following; 
  • Return all keys to us by midday on the final day of your tenancy 
  • Leave the property clean, tidy & free from belongings
  • If on a non-inclusive tenancy provide copies of the final utility bills for the property (these need to be closed on the last day of the tenancy and on actual reads)

Then provided there are no outstanding charges from your tenancy we will authorise repayment with the DPS. Hopefully a quick and painless process!

Yes on signing for one of our properties each tenant will need to pay a deposit of £150 to us.

We then use the custodial service with the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) meaning you deposit is transferred to the DPS and held by them for the duration of the tenancy