Moving in/Moving out

Moving In 

When can I collect my keys?

Keys can be collected from the start date of your Tenancy Agreement. We ask that you make an appointment with our office to collect your keys. 

Where do I collect my keys from?

Your keys can be collected from our office at 305 Western Bank, Sheffield, S102TJ. Remember we are only open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, and it is essential that you book an appointment.

What do I need to bring with me to my key collection appointment?

You will need to bring photo ID such as a driving licence or a passport.


Tips for when I move in?

  • On the day you move in take meter readings. 
  • Take a note of the codes printed on your keys, if you lose your keys during the year this will make the process of replacing them quicker and cheaper.
  • Take the time to introduce yourselves to your neighbours, you are going to be living next to them for at least a year!
  • Read our moving in Blog

Moving Out 

How and when do I return my keys? 

  • All keys must be returned to the Home Accommodation office by 12 noon on the last day of your Tenancy Agreement. This includes back door, front door, bedroom, post box etc (where applicable). If you want to check which keys were signed out please give us a call and we can confirm which keys should be returned to us.
  • Do not return keys by post or put keys through the office letter box as it is not secure and we'd hate for your keys to go missing.
  • We ask that you label all keys as front door, back door or bedroom (as applicable)
  • Where all tenants are moving out of the property all keys must be returned at the same time (one individual can return all keys we do not require all tenants to come to the office to return them).

How am I expected to leave our house/apartment?

We would expect that the house/apartment is left clean and tidy and all of your personal belongings moved out.

If you would like a more comprehensive list of the condition we would expect the house to be left in please email

Utility Bills 

If you are responsible for paying your own bills we need to see proof of payment for your closed accounts before we can release your deposit.

Cancel standing orders.

You would be surprised at how many people forget to cancel their Standing orders and make additional rent payments!